Demyanenko Alexander Nikolaevich


Academic degree, academic rank: Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor    


Address: 153 Tikhookeanskaya street, Khabarovsk, 680042, Russia

Phone: (4212) 22-54-04

Fax: (4212) 22-59-16

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Research Interests:

  • Spatial (regional) economics
  • Economic geography
  • Economic history


The author has 265 scientific works published (including 5 monographs) in Russia, Japan, the USA. Themostimportantare:

  • Essayson Spatial Economics. Khabarovsk: ERI FEBRAS. 2014. 272 p. (co-authored with Minakir P.A.)
  • Economic Zoning: Questions of Theory and History. Volume 1. Khabarovsk: Khabarovsk Regional Printing House. 2010. 244 p.
  • Territorial Set-Up of the Economy in the Russian Far East. Vladivostok: Dalnauka. 2003. 284 p.
  • Spatial Economics: The Evolution of Approaches and Methodology. Economics of Modern Russia. 2010. №3. p. 7-25. (co-authored with Minakir P.A.)
  • Macroeconomic Zoning as a Method of Regional Strategic Analysis: The Russian Far East. Spatial Economics. 2010. №4. p. 6-31. (co-authored with Vishnevskiy D.S.)
  • Social Development: Interdisciplinary Interactions of Spatial Projections. Spatial Economics. 2011. №4. p. 124-134. (co-authored with Minakir P.A.)
  • Regional scenario forecasting. Federalism. 2012. №1. p. 29-44. (co-authored with Minakir P.A.)
  • Geography of Economic Science: Problem Setting. Spatial Economics. 2014. №1. p. 65-78. (co-authored with Demyanenko N.A.)
  • Destructive Stereotypes of Russian Strategic Planning and Their Possible Consequences for Practice of Regional Strategy Development. Regionalistics. 2016. p.48-60 and № 6. p.63-74. (co-authored with Ukrainsky V.N., Shvetsov A.N.)
  • Far East: Modern Strategically Innovations and Lessons of History. ECO. 2016. № 4. p.45-60. (co-authored with Dyatlova L.A.)

Grants and Contests (2012-2016):

  • RHSF Grant № 11-02-00566а «Spatial economics: synthesis of socio-economic and scientific-technological forecasts (theory, methodology, methods)». Executive.
  • RHSF Grant№ 12-32-06001а «The Russian Arctic: modern paradigm of development». Executive.
  • RHSF Grant№ 13-02-00011а «The problems of cyclicity of evolution of economic space: theoretical and practical aspects». Executive.
  • RFBR Grant № 15-06-04959 «Effects of economic interactions in regional systems «center – periphery»». Executive.
  • RHSF Grant№ 16-02-00300 «Integration and fragmentation processes in the economic space of Russia». Executive.


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