RFBR Grant № 15-06-04959 «Effects of economic interactions in regional systems «center – periphery»»

Chief: Minakir P.A.
Goal: Developing methods and schemes of determining, evaluating and forecasting of polarizing development in regional systems. Determining types of regional centers depending on their size, functions and structure; evaluation of critical parameters of concentration of economic activity in regional centers and optimal radius of generating impulses in periphery.

RHSF Grant № 16-02-00300 «Integration and fragmentation processes in the economic space of Russia»

Chief: Minakir P.A.
Goal: The project is aimed at solving a basic problem of developing a methodological platform and tools for analyzing the processes of integration and fragmentation in economic space of modern Russia.

RHSF Grant №15-32-01035 «Researching the mechanisms and results of Russian-Chinese eco-nomic integration: using energy and mineral resources of Far East»

Chief: Lomakina N.V.
Goal: Solving a scientific problem of evaluating opportunities, risks and consequences of using non-renewable resources during globalization and in the condition of state policy of their exploitation aimed at export. The project researches mechanisms and directions of economic integration of Russia and China, evaluates economic consequences of these processes for resource-based regions (based on the example of energy and mineral resources of Far East).

Project «Economic and ecological aspects of developing arctic regions of the Russian Far East». Program of basic researches of Presidium RAS 44 П «Search fundamental scientific research on behalf of developing the arctic zone of Russia».

Chief: Minakir P.A.
Goal: To determine and evaluate the diversity of the Arctic based on the indicators of economic activity and livelihood of population. To research problems of socioeconomic development of the Russian Far East Arctic. To substantiate the conditions of forming and developing mechanisms of complex exploitation of Far Eastern Arctic. To form a contemporary model (paradigm) of complex development of the Russian Far East Arctic.

FEB RAS Project of Basic Research № 15-I-8-003 «Imitational modeling of interindustrial interactions in Far East with in-built mechanisms of coordinating economic agents’ interests».

Chief: Minakir P.A.
Goal: To create and approbate modeling tools used to analyze and forecast the indicators of Far Eastern development in different conditions of regional and industrial subsystems and objects.

FEB RAS Project of Basic Research № 15-I-8-005 «Sustainable development of socioeconomic development of the Russian Far East: interdisciplinary synthesis of theoretical concepts and methodological platforms»

Chief: Demyanenko A.N.
Goal: To determine quality indicators of economic equilibrium and sustainability of regional economic development. To formulate basic principles of building a system of economic institutes aimed at providing the sustainable development.

FEB RAS Project of Basic Research № 15-I-8-012 «Development of the resource sector of the Far Eastern economy in the conditions of resource-demand restrictions and institutional shocks».

Chiefs: Antonova N.E., Lomakina N.V.
Goal: Systemic research of adaptation opportunities of the Far Eastern resource sector in forestry, fishing industry, mineral industry.

FEB RAS Project of Basic Research №15-I-8-013 «Evaluating the influence of intraregional and interregional ties on the stability of economic growth of Far East»

Chiefs: Prokapalo O.M., Isaev A.G.
Goal: To evaluate the degree of integration between federal subjects of the Russian Far East. To develop models that tie regional and intraregional interactions in the Far East. To carry out a quantitative analysis of economic growth in the Far East based on the different intensity of spatial interactions’ influence.

FEB RAS Project of Basic Research №15-I-8-015 «Social potential of stable development of Far East: long-term demographical and infrastructural restrictions»

Chief: Naiden S.N.
Goal: To determine patterns, specifics of reproduction of social potential in the Far East and optimal intervals of key social parameters, that provide sustainability of regional system under the influence of intrainstitutional and external shocks in the conditions of demographical and infrastructural restrictions.

FEB RAS Project of Basic Research № 15-I-8-020 «Synthesis of socioeconomic, scientific, technological and institutional forecasts of development of the Russian Far East»

Chiefs: Krasnopolski B.K., Goryunov A.P.
Goal: To estimate long-term economic dynamics of the Russian Far East based on the synthesis of existing forecasts of scientific, technological and socioeconomic development of the region in the national, sub-global and global contexts.

FEB RAS Project of Basic Research № 15-I-8-002о «Economic integration of the Russian Far East and providing its sustainability with the national systems of countries of South East Asia»

Chief: Suslov D.V.
Goal: To evaluate the sustainability of foreign economic ties of the Far East. To perfect the tools of evaluation and measurement of integration degree of local markets as reactions of economic system on institutional shocks.

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