Postgraduate education

Postgraduate course of the Economic Research Institute

Far-Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

License No. 165699 of 31.03.2006

State accreditation certificate No.3276 of 17.10.2001

provides training in the following specialties:

08.00.05 - Economics and economy management (Economics, organization and management of enterprises and industries)

08.00.05 - Economics and economy management (Regional economics)

08.00.14 - International economics

Education is provided:

at the full-time department- on a budgetary basis (free of cost) and contract basis,

at the correspondence department - on a contract basis only.

Training period:

  • - full-time course - 3 years;
  • - correspondence course - 4 years;

Academic advising is performed by key specialists in economics.

Admission is performed on a competition basis; eligible are individuals with higher education showing achievements in research work.

Foreign citizens, including CIS citizens, are admitted to postgraduate studies based on international and intergovernmental agreements of the Russian Federation, as well as on agreements by higher education establishments and scientific institutions of the Russian Federation, which provide for the tuition to be paid  by legal entities and individual persons. Stateless citizens permanently residing in the Russian Federation are to be admitted on a common basis.

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